Challenge Coin 01

After attending Defcon 26 I got really hooked with the electronic badge challenge (I didn't get very far) and it was a great way of meeting and chatting to other people also excited about it and hacking in general. People there were trading trinkets and electronics there was a sense of community and gifting economy. I also received a DC801 challenge coin, and still think it's an awesome thing. So I decided to give it a go my self. It's just a little coin with a puzzle / challenge on it, but has my URL and email on it so can use as a kind of business card type thing. Really it's just a fun trinket. If you have one: good luck solving it. The best way to get one is to meet me IRL.

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Bits and Electrons -


Just a little game where you try to crack a safe with ever increasing difficulty. Makes a good desk toy. Open source and ready for hacking!
If you want a kit please send an email to and we can sort something out as I have to buy in batches 5 kits minimum.
1 kit will cost £12
Schematics / demo code etc:
Play and Build guide:

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